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Gen Z & their Families

We're extremely passionate about making home a peaceful place. The relationships that we have with our parents is the relationship that has the biggest impact on our entire lives. The beliefs and patterns of communication modeled to us from our family are carried with us into adulthood and shape all of our experiences, decisions and future relationships. Family therapy can help you gain clarity around dysfunctional patterns and interactions between you and your family members that has lead to distance and disconnection.

Family therapy benefits the teenager by helping them…

  • Resolve conflicts with their parents more effectively.
  • Help them feel heard and understood.
  • Gain an understanding of unhealthy communication patterns.
  • Learn to express themselves and their needs more effectively to their parents.
  • Adapt to parent’s separation or divorce and have your voice be heard.
  • Family therapy benefits the parent by helping them …
  • Discover trigger points with your teenagers and understand why you are reacting to them the way that you do.
  • Regulate your emotions and become a more mindful parent.
  • Get a clearer understanding of how the dynamics in your family of origin impacts the person you are today and how you are parenting your children.
  • Learn to attune to their child’s perspective on an issue without criticism or defensiveness.
  • Learn to co-parent effectively during separation and divorce.

Family therapy benefits the young adult by helping them…

  • Gain insight on how the family beliefs you grew up with have lead you to make certain choices about your life.
  • Learn how to set boundaries with family members in your home and with extended family members.
  • Change maladaptive beliefs passed down to you from your own parents and grandparents.
  • Understand how your role in your family while growing up impacts your social relationships today.
  • Discover how your parent's relationship with each other impacts your current romantic relationships.