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What our clients have to say

Open Door Talk has been a game-changer for me. Through their therapy sessions, I've experienced a remarkable shift not only in my mental well-being but also in my physical health. Recently, my chiropractor noted a 5-point increase in my adaptability reserve score, which is a measure of how my body reacts and responds to stress. This shows how therapy has positively impacted both my mind and body and I'm just so grateful for Michelle!

C. L.

Michelle is the real deal. A true blessing to any life she touches.

K. S.

Michelle and her team are amazing at what they do. I feel so much more confident since starting with Open Door Talk and I am learning more about myself along the way. Highly recommend this place for you and your family — they really know how to get you to where you want and need to be!

N. N.

Open Door Talk has been amazing for my family!

P. H.

I worked with Michelle on a professional level as she provided direct support, as well as clinical services. She is an amazing person who easily is able to relate to, provide guidance, and develop an interpersonal relationship with those that rely on her skills to help move them through difficult times. Her ability to connect is apparent to all that meet or work with her. I would highly recommend Michelle Pintado.

T. G.

Open Door Talk are the best mental health professionals around!

A. H.

Michelle is great at what she does and passionate about helping others. Whoever is looking for some counseling or life coaching, Open Door Talk is the place to go!

M. R.